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welcome to Hotel Neudeck

Oberstaufen is famous for being a cheerful health resort at the edge of the Alps with numerous quaint lodges and eateries to make hearty stops and finally to visit popular dance halls with live music for all ages.  

It is possible not only to enjoy the lightness of being in Oberstaufen but also the distinct nightlife with dance and atmosphere. All of this, as well as the charming Allgäu countryside, the wonderful Alpine scenery, the preferential position at the south part of Germany and trijunktion of Germany/Austria/Switzerland, the good reachability, the highly duration of sunshine and the healthy climate ensure that all year around Oberstaufen is a great delight.

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Hotel Neudeck
Inh. Lilli & Peter Peck GbR

Auf der Höh 7
87534 Oberstaufen

Phone 08386.93900

eMail: info@hotelneudeck.de
Surf: www.hotelneudeck.de

Social: facebook.com/hotelneudeck

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